Nail Creations
Recreating beauty, health, and wellness
We carry the largest selection of  Nail Art product in Tumwater, Olympia, and Lacey with hundreds of products, designs and possibilities. 

We are the only Nail Salon in the Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey area that has a ventilation/exhaust system to capture chemical vapors, and contaminants built into every Nail Station, and Pedicure chair.

                    Nail Art
                A world of imagination
          ( we carry the largest selection of nail art                          products in Tumwater, Lacey, and Olympia )  

        Offering 3D nail art, pigment powder ombre, chrome, and holographic nails. New Swarovski crystal rhinestones and sequences. airbrushing.  Bring in your own photo and ideas, or just use your imagination when you're here. We'll create it                                     starting at..........$5