Nail Creations
Recreating beauty, health, and wellness
We carry the largest selection of  Nail Art product in Tumwater, Olympia, and Lacey with hundreds of products, designs and possibilities. 

We are the only Nail Salon in the Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey area that has a ventilation/exhaust system to capture chemical vapors, and contaminants built into every Nail Station, and Pedicure chair.

Herbal delight
French lavender ( calming )

         Relax.......soak your feet in our customized lavender foot soak with epsom salt to help with circulation. Imported french lavender petals infused with 100% pure doTERRA's lavender essential oil is added. Along with our complete standard pedicure service, a lavender mask will be applied to help seal and retain moisture. A lavender salt scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Dip your feet in warm lavender paraffin wax with added vitamin E oil for additional moisturizing. A hot towel wrap to relax your muscles, followed by a soothing massage with hot rocks. Finished with a heated lavender butter creme with added doterra lavender oil.

         This blend of lavender ingredients helps to eliminate tension and allows for relaxation. Lavender helps enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems