Nail Creations
Recreating beauty, health, and wellness
We carry the largest selection of  Nail Art product in Tumwater, Olympia, and Lacey with hundreds of products, designs and possibilities. 

We are the only Nail Salon in the Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey area that has a ventilation/exhaust system to capture chemical vapors, and contaminants built into every Nail Station, and Pedicure chair.


what our team provides you

          You can rest assured that customer satisfaction is a high priority. Our management team has many years of experience in the field, managing and working in major cities ( nashville, los angeles, and las vegas) bringing a higher standard in quality care and new experiences to the South Sound. At Nail Creations Spa, we believe that health should not have to be compromised for beauty; therefore, we have taken further steps to ensure the safety, health, and happiness of our clients and staff.  A state-of-the-art ventilation/exhaust sytem is installed. Each nail and pedicure station is equipped with a vent unit to capture contaminants and chemical vapors right from the source and exhausted. Fresh, circulating air is filtered through a 3-step carbon, charcoal, and HEPA filtration system to ensure the highest of air quality. Diffusers are used with one of the highest grade 100% therapeutic essential oil by doTerra for better health. For skin care, Nail Creations Spa provides essential oil treatment pedicures that includes doTerra's pure oils and infused by fresh slices of aloe vera leaves, oranges,  ginger for detoxing, and imported french lavender leaves in your foot soak. There are a few selections to choose from. Our manicure treatments are serviced with 100% pure argan oil by moroccanOIL, oil that has been expressed from the nut of argan trees found in Southwestern Morocco. An oil with such high properties it'll soften and leave your skin with a shimmering richness. We provide complete nail care for acrylics, manicures and pedicures with many brands of gel polishes to choose from, including CND  (Creative Nail Design ), the founder of the Shellac gel polish system.  Our management team attends the international beauty show annually to extend our knowledge in the advancement of new products as well as customer service. Our goal is to set a higher standard in the beauty industry with quality service, and customer care. We believe in creating new experiences. Check our websites periodically for future seasonal pedicures and specials................................................................................
doTerra oil is thoroughly tested using the strict, certified, pure therapeutic grade quality protocol. Its citrus oil goes through a cold pressed extraction process under mechanical pressure and the oils are collected from the rind which in turn, provides the purest extract of fruit properties for health, and wellness. doTerra oils are so pure it can be used as therapeutic, topical, or internally.